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Clarks Landing is an exclusive dealer of Beneteau Brand Powerboats.

Long cruises, fishing, quick trips, sport and great sensations. Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. All types of boating, all types of pleasure, and all horizons in seven ranges and forty models. There is a dream to suit everyone.

Beneteau. A vision turned boatbuilding that spans generations. The name conjures images of sailing supremacy. Lesser known is Beneteau’s fleet of powerboats that are just as seaworthy, luxurious and beautiful as their sailing sisters. Introduced in North America less than ten years ago, Beneteau powerboat brands are now among the top selling brands in the U.S. As an Authorized Beneteau Dealer, we carry them all. Contact us for a test drive and discover what a beautiful thing power can be.

Through their unwavering energy and determination, Beneteau continues to innovate while carrying on its founding values. The only brand in recreational boating that can pride itself on 130 years of history.


Streamlined and sporty, the Gran Turismo offers great sensations. The Gran Turismo looks great, has quality fittings and attractive trims. In a nutshell she is elegant and positively trendy ! Gran Turismo proves that performance and style are NOT mutually exclusive. Not only is the GT is one of the best performing boats on the water, she comes with the style worthy of a 5-star resort. The latest hull configurations and fuel-efficient engines have been integrated with a truly elegant interior design. The result is a motor yacht where style is as much about speed and seakeeping as performance is about space, comfort and luxury.

gran-turismo-35 gran-turismo-40 gran-turismo-46 gran-turismo-49-fly gran-turismo-49

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Our search for excellence resulted in Beneteau’s premium range. Inspired by the Monte Carlo Yacht, the five motor cruisers are characterized by their magnificent hull, timeless elegance, detailed crafting and top quality finishes. Monte Carlo now stands apart as a hallmark of style, power and luxury.

monte-carlo-4 monte-carlo-5 monte-carlo-5s monte-carlo-6 monte-carlo-6s

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The range that reinvents the Trawler concept. A boat with a cruising pedigree that has left tradition behind to win in speed, autonomy and intelligent design. Very seaworthy, extremely safe and comfortable, the four Beneteau Swift Trawlers are cut out for long ocean adventures.

swift-trawler-30 swift-trawler-34 swift-trawler-44 swift-trawler-50

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The sea is your playground. Seaworthy, safe and powerful, the Barracuda is a sport fisher full of character. The three outboarders of this range have a cleverly designed deck plan. The quantity and quality of their fishing equipment, and the comfort they offer on board, make them perfect for the demanding owner. Most definitely a winning range !