Customer Service

Listening and Responding to Your Needs

Welcome to our Consumer Affairs page, designed with you in mind and dedicated to you, our loyal and valued customer.

You are the most important part of our dealerships and that's why we created a special department to enable us to exceed your expectations. Think of this area of the website as your personal resource to discover ways we can help you with your boating needs. Whether it is a compliment for a job well done, a suggestion, or a problem that needs some special help, we want to hear from you.

If you ever encounter a problem and are not sure where to turn, please contact us directly by email, fax (732) 899-5572 or call us at (732) 899-5559.

Our Mission Statement - Commitment To Our Customers and Ourselves:

To promote and maintain a strong long-term relationship with our customers through honesty, professionalism and commitment to total customer satisfaction. To continuously better ourselves and the company. To be the best we can be in our industry.


How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to the success for the company are these basic values:

People: Our people are the source of our strength. They provide our corporate intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality. Involvement and teamwork are our core human values.

Products: We choose the products we sell for their quality and ability to fulfill our customers needs.

Profits: Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we satisfy our customer's sales and service needs. They are required so we may continue to serve our customers in a manner that exceeds their needs.

Guiding Principles

Quality Comes First - To achieve customer satisfaction and maintain our customer loyalty, quality must be our #1 priority.

Customers Are Our Main Focus

Our work must be done with our customers in mind, providing better products and services than our competition.

Continuous Improvement Is Essential To Our Success

We must strive for excellence in all we do; in our products, their safety and value, and in our services, human relations and competiveness.

Integrity Is Never Compromised

The conduct of our company must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and for its positive contribution to our customers. Our doors are open to all, without discrimination or regard to ethnic origin or personal beliefs.